John Trott to CHAIR OF GREEN

Initially,   I was not a huge fan of the shrubbery immediately behind the 18 Tee now that it has matured somewhat it is beginning to take some form and shape with the potential to be an attractive feature.

Might I suggest we finish the border with an attractive professionally constructed small two or three-tier stonewall?   This would add definition to the shrubbery and have the added advantage of ricocheting long balls through the 17th green back into play. Balls in the feature would still need to be dropped into the dropping zone.

I would just add that the course is in superb condition a credit to the Green Staff and Committee.  Member since 1996.

I don’t seem able to attach a photograph so will email it separately to the Chair of Greens.

Martin Andrew

Good morning John

Many thanks for your suggestion and my apologies for the delayed response.

I totally agree with your suggestion and believe it would enhance the appearance of this area and is something the Course Manager and I would support.

Unfortunately, we do not have the time available for the green staff to create the proposed wall and the green budget at the present moment does not allow us to fund external contractors to complete the task. Obviously is there are any members capable and willing to fund and carry out this task I would be more than happy to discuss this with them.

We will keep this suggestion on our ‘to do’ list !!!

Best regards

Martin Andrew

Chair of Green

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