Norman Waddell to CHAIR OF HOUSE

Why don’t we have a couple collection boxes for the Captains charities at the club entrance when we hold our Firework display? This would. raise some extra funds for them



Your suggestion of ‘Collection Boxes” for the Captains Charities is a good idea and one that we will consider for next year.

The general question of ‘charging’ pops-up every year and is particularly relevant as the cost of the event increases. The sale of Bar Food & Drinks does help to cover the cost and we have, in the past, tried collections but it is never very successful.

The principle of it being a ‘give back’ to the community, from HGC, is a worthy one and it is a very successful evening as well as being a great opportunity to showcase our club. Other clubs have discontinued this event but it would be nice for us to keep this tradition going and so on that point, charity collections would be a very good development.

Thanks for your message.



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