Ric Carey to CHAIR OF GOLF


Is there any reason why the Tap on the 13th Tee box is starting to be turned off at the mains again?

There are no other drinking water facilities on the course, it’s quite annoying to get to 12/13 (halfway around) and unable to refill water bottles etc (especially in hot weather).

Could this be left switched on please?

Many thanks,


Dear Ric

Thanks for your email. I’ll forward it to Martin Andrew (Chair of Greens) to get an answer for you. It might be an issue with the feed into the tap or it might just not have been turned on after being switched off for some reason! Either way we’ll let you know asap.


Harry Kennedy
Chair of Golf  


Good morning Ric

Further to your enquiry to Chair of Golf enquiring as to why the water fountain on the 13th tee has been turned off in recent weeks.

The water fountain has been turned off temporarily for two reasons:

The first being the possibility of a water leak somewhere on the course and via the mains water supply. It has been necessary to turn off the main water supply on occasions to try and identify the source of the problem which has already resulted in exceptionally high water charges.

The second issue has been problems with our irrigation system which has required us to isolate the water supply to the irrigation system whilst repairs are carried out. The water supply to the fountain is linked to the irrigation system.

The need to switch off the supply to the water fountain was a temporary requirement and although both the above issues remain ongoing the water fountain is now back in operation.

Best regards

Martin Andrew

Chair of Green



Good morning Mr Carey

We did have the water fountain turned off last week for several hours whilst we were testing a potential water leak, however this was turned back on again immediately afterwards

I will check with our Course Manager that they haven’t turned this back off again in error as this should be on constantly otherwise

Best wishes

Jo Lloyd

General Manager


Afternoon Jo,

Thanks for the response, no problem. I assumed it’s it was something to do with the irrigation fault Martin circulated.

It’s not a massive problem, just annoying when you get there thinking it’ll be on and it’s not on. Thanks for chasing up.

Many thanks,


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