Stephen Roberts to CHAIR OF GREENS

Attn Martin


Martin I am sure you are all over this but thought I would share two observations noted while out and about designed to reduce divot damage at this time of year.


RLG currently require members to play off small Astro matts provided at 1st tee to protect fairways.

Prestatyn had a few holes with high water table and they introduced roped of areas on these holes 150 yards out from the pins where you were required to pick and place in the 1st cut rough to obviously protect fairways from divots from heavy-handed approach shots.

Recognise the sensitivity of such things but just thought I’d share.

PS course really looking good for time of year take a bow.




Good afternoon Steve

Many thanks for your suggestion and your positive feedback in respect of the course which I have passed on to Scott.

You are right, Scott and I have been discussing the issues you have raised regarding protection of the fairways for a couple of weeks.   On Tuesday of this week, the matter was discussed at the meeting of the Green Committee, together with your suggestion and those from other members.

Time prevents the introduction of Astro turf mats on fairways for this year although we intend to introduce their use next winter.

For February and March this year the Green Committee, which includes the Course Manager, propose marking the fairways with a broken yellow line 150 yards from the green.

All balls lying in the fairway to be lifted and placed in the first cut of rough where the shot will be played from. This ruling to be applied to all golf played on the course other than qualifying competitions, of which there are very few in February and March.

The proposal now sits with the Chairs of Handicap and Golf and once their support is secured I will communicate to the membership.

Best regards

Martin Andrew

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