World Handicap System – early access mail from England Golf


Dear Members,

You will have received a mail today from England Golf. It provides details on how you can register for early access to the WHS Golfer Platform, ahead of the World Handicap System going live on Monday 2 November.

This early access to the platform will provide you with a first view of your projected Handicap Index and to demonstrate the other functional benefits of the system.

However, as mentioned in a previous mail, there is an error with the input data, primarily related to Men’s records.  The data incorrectly allocates blue, white or yellow tees to our records.  England Golf are aware of this issue and say it will be fixed by the 2nd November.

Also, your records may not show your most recent rounds in October. These will also be uploaded by the WHS launch.

We will keep you informed as we receive updates.


Shaun Carter
Chair of Handicap

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